Saturday 3 August 2013

Barefoot running low back pain and sports injuries

I seem to have this conversation a lot.

Me to client with ongoing returning low back pain.
The more support you give your feet with the expensive  hi-tec trainers  the more support your feet will ultimately need. Furthermore that support is likely to be undermining the balance of all the other structures that support movement. That might in fact be why your discomfort keeps returning.

Client to me, indignantly.
 'What do you mean?'  ' I went to 2 different shops and they both told me that these are the only shoes that balance my pronation.

Me to client, 
If your back will not support you, do you wrap it in elastic or other supportive structures?

Client to me. 
'No I would exercise and strengthen my back because the support would ultimately weaken it and that would make things worse.' Then she exclaimed in a moment of realisation, 'is it the same for feet?'

Me to client.
'Yes of course. If your feet don't hit the ground properly sticking wedges or air pockets or roll bars underneath is never going to teach them to. In fact it's going to make sure they don't ever strike the ground correctly and whatever problem you  have you will keep. Such support mechanisms will make your shoe hit the ground correctly not your foot.  Whether the problem is pronation or supination these thick soled cushioned cocoons will not allow all the fabulous information gathering cells on your feet to tell the brain what's going on as your foot strikes the ground so how can the feet ever correct? Your feet are attached to your knees and your hips. If  they don't hit the ground correctly that imbalance will show up somewhere.!

Client to me
So why do they sell them?  I mean they are sports companies!

Me to client.
To make money!!!

Your feet are the best thing to walk on and to run on. It might take some work and some training but for optimum health you need to go barefoot.Use barefoot running shoes.

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