Thursday 1 August 2019

Holiday movement practice.

We holiday for lots of reasons. A break from work, a change of scene, a change of pace, a chance to discover, to explore. We holiday for our mental and physical health. Holidays are often a reward for all the work and stress of modern life.

Holiday movement can often involve a lot eating, drinking and lazing. Movement wise that only involves bending at the elbow and rolling over. Some will use a holiday to do a massive amount of a single activity, e.g. cycle , ski, climb. In such cases holidays can be a time of self abuse rather than self nurturing . People go home needing to detox, sleep, hydrate exercise or call their massage therapist!

How does this help?

I need to recuperate and I take my holidays seriously. They are a recovery time where I can re-balance my energy and my body.  Some use holidays as a time to indulge 
themselves and I do that, but not by over-eating, over-
drinking or over-strenuous physical challenges. Such things do not nurture a person, they are distractions. 

I find I like to indulge myself in healthy movement, explore delicious nutrition, I find time to be in nature, to earth myself and to be present. Finding time to stretch and breathe every day is a bigger reward than you can find in any bottle or sugar laden treat or large plate. Because you feel better afterwards not worse. 

Bodies talk, learn to listen to yours. Do not be distracted by what you think you want. Your body will let you know what makes it feel good and what destroys its energy.

A morning stretch or yoga practice is always a good start.

Be active, challenge yourself with new activities but recuperate too. That means stretching out and encouraging good circulation and a full range of motion. Book a massage or a hot spa.

I am not preaching. I have done the overindulgence. I am inviting you to learn from my experience.
Come back from your hols feeling good. Not in need of a detox and some serious gym time. 

Enjoy your body, love moving!