Thursday 18 September 2014

Low back pain and movement- I did something most doctors would not recommend,

I WANTED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. It’s from a Facebook page that I often interact with.

As I was doing my best to keep up with the Dangerous Brothers as they pegged it to school on their scooters this morning I found the harder I walked (in my trusty Reef flip flops - accept no substitute!) the more Pounds PSI I was putting on my heel. This was because - duh - I was lengthening my stride and heel striking. Normally in those shoes things that I sometimes have to wear you don't really notice this, but now, with my injury, it's screamingly obvious. All the pressure is shooting up my straight leg and into the base of my spine. How could I remedy this? I did something most doctors would not recommend, I shortened my stride and started (VERY DELICATELY) to 'run'. Landing on my forefoot and just allowing my heel to 'kiss' the pavement - and guess what? no. pain. at. all. Then I stopped cuz I was scared I'd screw myself up again. Something to think about though, it showed me that when your body is very receptive to pain, you notice what you're doing wrong and how you can maybe help things along. Anyway, I would NEVER recommend people start running when they're injured but it certainly highlighted a few things for me.

Thank you to TH for your observations.

I tell people this all the time. Shorten the stride, take off the heel, wear something that lets you feel the ground and you'll move differently and reduce impact. It’s not rocket science..natural movement is better because it’s easier - it’s what the design intended!!!!!!!