Thursday 2 October 2014

Broken not Injured

I feel that it is important to point out that there is a difference between broken and injured, at least to me, from a clinical point of view.

When someone falls over a root, they get injured, when another player bangs into them during a game, they get injured. When someone trains foolishly and become imbalanced and their body stops functioning properly, they get broken!

There are a lot of good (and some not so good) qualified people out there to give advice. There are industry standards and guidelines on all kinds of sport and strength and conditioning techniques. These qualifications and guidelines provide an assurance of good form and good technique they are not senseless job creation or a way of getting money from you.

I see too many broken people who have taken themselves on a get fit campaign with too little research and poor technique, they have started in the wrong place and ended up broken. I also see those who have gone a long with advice from a coach or teacher who is not qualified in that specific field, this can result in long term and chronic injury.

Invest in yourself by using the professionals, you'll learn a lot about your body that will last a lifetime.