Friday 28 October 2016

Never assume that you are fully functional.

I often come across a scenario where a client presents with lots of issues. Sore knees, a dodgy hip, a bit of back pain. Often this client is very active. They may play a game regularly or take part in many classes; Bodypump, bootcamps, bodyvive, circuits..  It is therefore surprising to discover in the course of the consultation that an entire muscle system is hypertonic or inactive. How are they managing?

They manage because the body is wonderful at adapting and compensating. This ability is a blessing in times of desperate need but it can also result in overuse of one particular joint. It pulls the system out of balance and causes wear and damage. This is the sort issue that results ultimately in joint replacements. Fitness instructors, however well qualified and well-intentioned, are not able to spot your body's clever compensation in most class systems.

If you feel out of sorts or that you are collecting ailments after exercise this is NOT a ‘to be expected’ sign of age, it is a sign that you need some help. A qualified sports therapist should be able to clarify your issues. A personal trainer with a remedial qualification may be able to help. 

I discovered a major imbalance attending an adult beginners Parkour class in Room to Move.  There is no hiding unbalances in parkour. I had no idea my left quad was so weak. I spend a lot of time in a partial squat while doing massage and I would have guessed both were strong. But that does explain that little ache on my left side!

Don’t live with discomfort…Get it Fixed!