Tuesday 7 February 2017

Anterior tilted pelvis! Twisted pelvis! Leg length discrepancy!

Low back pain, knee pain and other structural aches are often caused by a misaligned pelvis. It is usually fairly straightforward for a body therapist or fitness professional to spot these issues. For a body therapist it is not usually difficult to correct.

Dorn Method, Spinal Touch, Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy are all gentle approaches that can rectify this issue without the need for heavy handed manipulation. 

Stopping the re-occurrence is of more interest. To do that we have to understand: "Why does this happen?"

Leg crossing is often to blame.

The long slow pull of muscle and fascia on the sacrum when your pelvis is pulled squint for extended periods of time does have huge impact. You can literally pull your body out of alignment.

Cars - check your driving position! 

Depending on your size and driving habits, the right hip may be lifted to cope with the ever-changing accelerator position or the left might be held up to work the clutch. Holding this position for an extended period of time will train the hip out of position.

Wallet in the pocket - this is a regular culprit. 

The 2 to 3 cm of folded notes and many cards tucked into the back pocket causes an imbalance in the pelvis when you sit on it. And the longer you sit, the greater the imbalance.

The body is highly adaptable, that is how training works. An hour or 2 a couple of times a week can bring about a huge change in our body. Hours spent daily with a tilted pelvis or crossed legs will force the body to adapt on a big scale. Giving up these habits may be difficult but well worth the effort.

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