Thursday 24 October 2013

Barefoot Running and Injuries


Barefoot running is not for everyone. It takes time for the body to build muscle to adapt to the change in load but the changes required by tendon, ligament, bone and flesh may just not be able to happen within an acceptable time scale.

The result is that some runners racing with enthusiasm into their minimalist shoes and barefoot marathons are swapping one set of running issues/injuries for another, different set.

Damage and injury are not inevitable. For example extreme sports are so called because they take the body to and even beyond its natural limits; wear and tear is to be expected. But an average 10k runner who trains properly and is not overweight should not have to suffer injury. What is clear is that running is a skill. There is a way to do it that nurtures our overall health and reduces stress in our bodies.

The barefoot movement has made us stop and examine that skill , it has made us look at what is efficient natural movement, and what causes damage. It has made the sport shoe manufacturers engage in the health of our feet and at least caused a stumble in the marketing of hi-tec over engineered 'fashion' training shoes that do nothing to enhance our feet, our posture or our health.

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